Coal Jewelry/Magnets – $6

Coal Jewelry and Coal Magnets

If you want unique jewelry and magnets with an Appalachian theme, check out these pieces made with genuine Appalachian Mountain coal. These coal pieces are shipped by Priority Mail (Just $5.95 for one or more pieces). Just like snowflakes, no two pieces of coal are exactly alike, so please allow for individual differences.
Please send an email describing what item(s) are desired as well as other pertinent information to: Once a money order or check is received, your items will be shipped immediately. Mail checks or money orders to:
Becky Arnott
“Silver” oval plain dangle coal earrings —$7/pair + $5.75 shipping  (nickle-free hooks.)



Plain post coal earrings (CJP1) $6/pair + $5.75 shipping



“Silver” round plain coal pendant (19 mm) (CJPEN1N) – $6 each + $5.75 shipping



Plain coal magnet (CM1) – $3.00 each + $5.75 shipping